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The National Citizen Service (NSC) Programme is a government funded scheme aimed at giving 16-17 year-olds skills, qualifications and training to improve their prospects.

It also empowers these young people to give something back to the local community by way of various projects ranging from wildlife conservation, art & design, charity work and building renovation to name but a few.

Seen as Prime Minister David Cameron’s brainchild, this national scheme is undertaken by various groups, institutions and bodies across the country ranging from educational centres to football clubs.

In this case Stoke City Football Club is one of the leading pioneers for its community work as a football club, no more so than its work towards the NCS Programme. Bodies such as the Football League Trust have also supported the football club towards various schemes.

With a single HD camera I was lucky enough to film both the NCS Summer 2013 Project and produce a video package on the club’s NCS Mental Health Awareness Social Action Plan as well as follow footballer Peter Crouch on World Book Day as he promoted the NCS Programme.

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