Video Report on the Premier League Kicks Project

Stoke City Football Club have been undertaking the Kicks Project; a Premier League initiative aimed at helping disadvantaged young people who lack facilities and support (please click on link for HD option and to enlarge). Video can also be found on the club’s official website here.

It aims to use sport to bring disparate communities & cultures together and directly engage with young people.

It has also been successful in promoting healthier lifestyles, reducing crime and anti-social behaviour as well as empowering young people to give something back to the community by encouraging volunteering and creating routes into education, training and employment.

Contributions from:
Ben Gibson- Stoke City F.C Community Trust
Adeel Khalid- Engage Communities
Staffordshire Police
Young participants from teams including Ummah F.C & Bentilee F.C

Also jointly supported by football campaigns such as:

RESPECT- A football initiative to encourage fair play and respect towards officials and each other.

Kick It Out (Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football) - Aims to promote equality in football regardless of race, religion or culture and uses the power of the sport to unite these different groups.


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