Documentary (30+ mins)- The current state of Hockey in the UK

A documentary about the current state of hockey within the UK- 2013/2014 (please click link for HD option and to enlarge).

A fast & exciting sport where participation rates remain fairly high, men and women compete equally and, collectively, both senior teams are relatively high-achievers at elite level nationally in comparison to most other sports.

However, hockey still lags behind with little investment, lack of media coverage and less hockey being played at school level, with participation rates, despite a post-Olympic boom, falling.

I went to visit a host of clubs across the UK to investigate these issues checking on the current health of the sport and to find out how in compares in other countries, as well as where its future lies, both at the top and bottom of the game.

Contributions include from players and coaches at clubs such as:

Cannock HC (Men’s)
East Grinstead HC (Men’s)
Reading HC (Men’s and Ladies)
The University of Birmingham (Ladies)

Also thanks to

1988 Olympic Gold Medallist Imran Sherwani

Great Britain Captain & Olympic Bronze Medallist Kate Richardson-Walsh

North Staffordshire Hockey Club


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Shane Ryan